Book for GATE 2019 EE

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S.No. Subject Book Name Author


 Power Electronics  Power Electronics  P.S. Bhimbra


 Micro Processors  Micro Processors for theory portion  Gaonkar
 Micro Processors for Programming examples  B. Ram


 Analog & Digital Electronics  Analog & Digital Electronics  Millman&Halkias
 Analog & Digital Electronics  Gayakwad
 Analog & Digital Electronics  Morris Mano
 Analog & Digital Electronics for Digital Logic Families  Taub&Shielling


 Power Systems  Power Systems  Nagrath& Kothari
 Power Systems  C.L. Wadhwa
 Power Systems  A. Hussain


 Electrical Machines and Power Transformers  Electrical Machines and Power Transformers  P.S. Bhimbra
 Electrical Machines and Power Transformers  Nagrath& Kothari


 Control Systems  Control System Engg.  I.J. Nagrath& M. Gopal
 Automatic Control Systems  B.C. Kuo
 Linear Control Systems  B.S. Manke


 Measurement & Instrumentation  Measurement & Instrumentation  A. K. Sawhney
 Measurement & Instrumentation  Cooper


 Electrical Circuits  Electrical Circuits for Resonant Circuits, elements of two element network synthesis, etc  D-Roy Chaudhary
 Electrical Circuits for transfer function of n/w in terms of poles and zeros  SudhakarShyam Mohan
 Electrical Circuits for Circuit elements, Kirchhoff’ Law, Mesh and Nodial Analysis, Network Theorem & Applications  Chakrabarthy


 E. M. Theory  E. M. Theory for coulombs law, Gauss’s Law, Conductors etc.  W. B. Hayt
 E. M. Theory for Magneto statics, Amperes law, Magnetic materials  Sadiku
E. M. Theory for Numerical examples Schaum Series
10  Signal and System  Signal and System  Oppenheim and Willsky
11  Engg. Mathematics  Engg. Mathematics  MADE EASY Publications
12  Verbal & Numerical Ability  Verbal & Numerical Ability  MADE EASY Publications
13  The previous GATE Solved Papers  Previous GATE Solved Papers  Free Download
14  Analog Circuits  A text book on Analog Circuits A.Rajkumar