GATE Online Test Schedule for EC

Highlights GATE 2020 Online Test Series:
  • Each Test is available till February 2020 This gives the flexibility to students to appear in the tests any time from anywhere based on their level of preparation. However, the relative score will be given to those students only who access online tests before their expiry period.
  • The individual results will be available immediately after the test.
  • Students can check their relative performance question wise also i.e. for a particular questions how many students were able to correct that question and how many failed etc.
  • Best question bank for complete preparation.
  • AIR and comparison with All India GATE 2020 aspirant.
  • Electronic Gadget such as virtual keyboard and virtual calculator available.
GATE 2020 Online Test Schedule of Basic Level
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Sr.No.SubjectQuestionsDurationMarksLive From
1Single Subject : Networks3390 Minutes50
2Single Subject : Control Systems3390 Minutes50
3Single Subject : Electronic Devices3390 Minutes50
4Single Subject : Analog Circuits3390 Minutes50
5Single Subject : Engineering Mathematics3390 Minutes50
6Single Subject : General Aptitude3390 Minutes50
7Single Subject : Signals & Systems3390 Minutes50
8Single Subject : Analog Communication Systems3390 Minutes50
9Single Subject : Digital Communication Systems3390 Minutes50
10Single Subject : Digital Circuits3390 Minutes50
11Single Subject : Electromagnetics3390 Minutes50
12Single Subject : Microprocessors3390 Minutes50
13Full Syllabus Test-1 (Basic Level)65180 Minutes100
14Full Syllabus Test-2 (Basic Level)65180 Minutes100
15Full Syllabus Test-3 (Basic Level)65180 Minutes100
16Full Syllabus Test-4 (Basic Level)65180 Minutes100
17GATE Mock Test 165180 Minutes100
GATE 2020 Online Test Schedule of Advance Level
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Sr.No.SubjectQuestionsDurationMarksLive From
1Topicwise: Networks-11745 Minutes25
2Topicwise : Control Systems-11745 Minutes25
3Topicwise : Electronic Devices-11745 Minutes25
4Topicwise : Analog Circuits-11745 Minutes25
5Topicwise : Engineering mathematics-11745 Minutes25
6Topicwise : General Aptitude-11745 Minutes25
7Topicwise : Microprocessors 11745 Minutes25
8Topicwise : Digital Circuits-11745 Minutes25
9Topicwise : Signals and Systems-11745 Minutes25
10Topicwise : Communications-11745 Minutes25
11Topicwise : Electromagnetics-11745 Minutes25
12Single Subject : Networks3390 Minutes50
13Single Subject : Control Systems3390 Minutes50
14Single Subject : Electronic Devices3390 Minutes50
15Single Subject : Analog Circuits3390 Minutes50
16Single Subject : Engineering Mathematics3390 Minutes50
17Single Subject : General Aptitude3390 Minutes50
18Single Subject : Signals & Systems3390 Minutes50
19Single Subject : Analog Communication Systems3390 Minutes50
20Single Subject : Digital Communication Systems3390 Minutes50
21Single Subject : Digital Circuits3390 Minutes50
22Single Subject : Electromagnetics3390 Minutes50
23Single Subject : Microprocessors3390 Minutes50
24Full Syllabus Test-1 (Basic Level)65180 Minutes100
25Full Syllabus Test-2 (Basic Level)65180 Minutes100
26Full Syllabus Test-3 (Basic Level)65180 Minutes100
27Full Syllabus Test-4 (Basic Level)65180 Minutes100
28Full Syllabus Test-5 (Advance Level)65180 Minutes100
29Full Syllabus Test-6 (Advance Level)65180 Minutes100
30GATE Mock Test 165180 Minutes100
31GATE Mock Test 265180 Minutes100
GATE 2020 Online Test Schedule of Premium Level
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Sr.No.SubjectQuestionsDurationMarksLive From
1Topicwise: Networks-11745 Minutes25
2Topicwise: Networks-21745 Minutes25
3Topicwise : Control Systems-11745 Minutes25
4Topicwise : Control Systems-21745 Minutes25
5Topicwise : Electronic Devices-11745 Minutes25
6Topicwise : Electronic Devices-21745 Minutes25
7Topicwise : Analog Circuits-11745 Minutes25
8Topicwise : Analog Circuits-21745 Minutes25
9Topicwise : Engineering mathematics-11745 Minutes25
10Topicwise : Engineering mathematics-21745 Minutes25
11Topicwise : General Aptitude-11745 Minutes25
12Topicwise : General Aptitude-21745 Minutes25
13Topicwise : Analog Circuits-31745 Minutes25
14Topicwise : Microprocessors 11745 Minutes25
15Topicwise : Microprocessors 21745 Minutes25
16Topicwise : Digital Circuits-11745 Minutes25
17Topicwise : Digital Circuits-21745 Minutes25
18Topicwise : Signals and Systems-11745 Minutes25
19Topicwise : Signals and Systems-21745 Minutes25
20Topicwise : Signals and Systems-11745 Minutes25
21Topicwise : Signals and Systems-21745 Minutes25
22Topicwise : Communications-11745 Minutes25
23Topicwise : Communications-21745 Minutes25
24Topicwise : Communications-31745 Minutes25
25Topicwise : Electromagnetics-11745 Minutes25
26Topicwise : Electromagnetics-21745 Minutes25
27Topicwise : Electromagnetics-31745 Minutes25
28Single Subject : Networks3390 Minutes50
29Single Subject : Control Systems3390 Minutes50
30Single Subject : Electronic Devices3390 Minutes50
31Single Subject : Analog Circuits3390 Minutes50
32Single Subject : Engineering Mathematics3390 Minutes50
33Single Subject : General Aptitude3390 Minutes50
34Single Subject : Signals & Systems3390 Minutes50
35Single Subject : Analog Communication Systems3390 Minutes50
36Single Subject : Digital Communication Systems3390 Minutes50
37Single Subject : Digital Circuits3390 Minutes50
38Single Subject : Electromagnetics3390 Minutes50
39Single Subject : Microprocessors3390 Minutes50
40Multiple Subject : Networks + Control Systems3390 Minutes50
41Multiple Subject : Electronic Devices + Analog Circuits3390 Minutes50
42Multiple Subject : Digital Circuits + Microprocessors3390 Minutes50
43Multiple Subject : Communications3390 Minutes50
44Multiple Subject : Electromagnetics + Signals & Systems3390 Minutes50
45Multiple Subject : Engineering Mathematics + General Aptitude3390 Minutes50
46Full Syllabus Test-1 (Basic Level)65180 Minutes100
47Full Syllabus Test-2 (Basic Level)65180 Minutes100
48Full Syllabus Test-3 (Basic Level)65180 Minutes100
49Full Syllabus Test-4 (Basic Level)65180 Minutes100
50Full Syllabus Test-5 (Advance Level)65180 Minutes100
51Full Syllabus Test-6 (Advance Level)65180 Minutes100
52Full Syllabus Test-7 (Premium Level)65180 Minutes100
53Full Syllabus Test-8 (Premium Level)65180 Minutes100
54GATE Mock Test 165180 Minutes100
55GATE Mock Test 265180 Minutes100
56GATE Mock Test 365180 Minutes100
57GATE Mock Test 465180 Minutes100

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