GATE Preparation Tips & Strategy for Computer Science & Engineering

After B.Tech, Students are really confused about what to do next. Since GATE is the most common entrance that student usually prefers after their engineering. This decision may be their own or because of their parents. Some students come in that category also where they just want to appear in the examination and some wants because of their friends. This is the general condition of the majority of the Btech student. What they are missing and where they are lacking? GATE Preparation Tips & Strategy for Computer Science & Engineering : There are two major problems that come after completing the B.Tech. Firstly, lack of goal setting and secondly self-awareness. Gradually, these two mistakes become blunder if not resolved at the correct time. Students are exactly not sure about their main goal. Perhaps they have the desire to qualify GATE exam, maybe because their parents think so but they do not want to work on their goal. Every goal has some rules and ways, that only need to be followed by a dedication for achieving it.

Goal setting plays a major role before planning for Gate 2020 exam. Now the second thing is Self-Awareness. There is no teacher yet made till now who will teach students what are their weakness, strength, their applicable study timing, their favorite subject. They need to question themselves about which subject they need more time and what subject will help them to score. Teachers, youtube videos, articles will only guide them how to prepare but their participation will play a major role in their preparation i.e. their weak subject, interest subject, their favorite study time only they are aware of it. Following are the list of compiled tips that were written after a full analysis of the succeeded Student while preparing and attempting of GATE exam have a query: how to prepare for the GATE CSE.

GATE Preparation Tips & Strategy for Computer Science & Engineering

  1. Set a target for 3 months.
  2. Browse the internet and start searching GATE previous paper analysis and syllabus.
  3. You will get clarity on the marks distribution, latest syllabus, and all relevant information about your Goal
  4. Now ask yourself what are your strong and weak subjects according to the syllabus and marks distribution and write it on the paper. Give at least 1 hour, because this is the most important time which acts as a core for your future achievement.
  5. 5. Now, its time to work on it. Collect all the relevant materials, video series, previous question papers everything. If you are planning to learn from free YouTube videos, analyze it and select the tutorial where you will get all your notes with an explanation. Have a back up of your material.
  6. 6. For the dropper students, it will be very easy. They need only revision to polish their mind.
  7. Select study hours (7-8) according to your capability and maintain it regularly. If you fail to give 1 hour due to some circumstances try to cover that time and syllabus next day.
  8. In the meantime, Don’t forget to read aptitude notes while preparing for technical subjects
  9. 9. Try to solve previous year question papers, because the same concepts are usually repeated in every entrance, only there are modifications in the values or some additional condition may be integrated to make problem complex. Try to solve questions with different value and apply some another possible condition in
  10. 10. Try to attempt that questions in which you are sure to avoid negative marking.
  11. Read the question thrice before answering, because question paper is intentionally set in such a way where students can do minor mistakes. Try to read carefully because every option is closer to the student’s minor mistakes.

There defined a strategy for the computer science students not only to qualify GATE 2020 but also to come in the top 100 list. Students that are belonging to the computer science background are only needed to follow this strategy with dedication and honesty.

  1. As you have already collected syllabus, analyzed the marks distribution and the goal are also Now it’s time to know deeply about the structure of the computer science GATE question paper.
  2. It consists of 65 questions in which 30 questions are of 1 marks and rest is of 2 marks. The time limit is for 3 hours, there may be numerical questions, subjective and some objective This information will be cleared from previous years question papers
  3. Go through syllabus and
  4. Make a group of the subjects containing maximum marks for e.g. c programming, data structure, and ADA can be integrated into one group.
  5. Groups can be made according to their weightage, syllabus and your
  6. Gate questions will never come from out of syllabus. Try to learn what is in syllabus don’t waste your time on irrelevant topics.
  7. Go through collected materials, and following are the books that you can refer while preparing computer science GATE entrance examination.
  8. Solve at least 40 questions from the previous year question papers daily.
  9. Write all the important concepts and maintain a short notes copy of every subject in your own understandable language.
  10. After reading your own short notes try to solve previous year’s questions again.
  11. Go through your purchase test series and try to increase your efficiency by preparing subject wise.
  12. After your test series, now analyze yourself, what are your mistakes that you are doing while test series and note it This will give you a clarity about your silly mistakes and your weak topics. If you had noted it down, this will be very beneficial to you to avoid your mistakes.
  13. Go for full-length GATE 2020 Online Test Series. Minimum 8 -9 test series will be very beneficial to qualify GATE and to feel the full atmosphere of the entrance, you can be able to practice on the virtual calculator, and fully aware of all the basic or high-level concepts that are usually asked in the GATE exam. In other words, you can say that it will completely vanish your nervousness.  This will overcome your mistakes. Note down all the doubts and analysis in your notebook.
  14. After this, you have very less time left for gate exam but your maximum preparation is have already solved previous year papers and test series two times.
  15. Try to read short notes for revision, instead of complete notes.

Follow this strategy this will definitely help you to get a top rank in GATE 2020.

Books for GATE Preparation Computer Science & Engineering

  • Kenneth H.Rosen for Discrete mathematics
  • RS Aggarwal for Aptitude
  • Navathe for DBMS
  • Corman for ADA
  • Dennis Richie-understanding pointer in c-yashavant k and let us c for understanding basic concepts of c programming language
  • TOC peterlinz for the theory of computation
  • Ravi Sethi, Jeffrey D. Ullman for compiler design
  • Galwin and William Stallings for os
  • M-Morris mano for digital design
  • Forouzan, Peterson & Davie, Data Communications, and Networking by Kurose & Ross and Behrouz for computer networks