How to prepare General Aptitude(GA) questions for GATE Exam

Tips to prepare General Aptitude for  GATE Exam

Majority of the student ignores preparation of Aptitude section while preparing GATE exam, which itself is of 15 marks. They thought that they know aptitude and does not take it seriously. With this minor mistake, students are failed to come in the top 100 list. If anyone belongs from computer science, They can ignore Aptitude section only in one condition if they are very strong in technical moreover, they can also skip another difficult subject also, instead of Aptitude but if they are from another branch such as civil or mechanical, They have to take aptitude more seriously to come in the top list i.e. 1 to 100 rank because in these branches there is highest cut-off i.e. plus 80. Aptitude preparation is always beneficial in many conditions. It will be helpful while interview on the top MNC Company where your first pillar is to qualify Aptitude Test, then only you are allowed to go for a second round. It will be helpful in another entrance also apart from Gate Entrance. Aptitude is basically defined as a test to analyze how we are trying to solve any problem smartly, it does not mean we have to do large calculations or it should be completely solved, it is a test how we are tracking a problem, how smart we are while solving any problem. In Gate Exam, weightage of Aptitude is 15 marks which are further divided into two parts i.e. Verbal Ability and another is numerical ability. Many students have the question that How to prepare General Aptitude(GA) questions for GATE Exam: read this article for the preparation tips.

Numerical Ability For GATE Exam

Numerical ability includes topics from profit and loss, age, calendar problems, where we have to play with numbers calculations including addition, division etc. In gate Entrance, questions are not very complex as in SBI, PO or CAT. Questions are very basic but that does not mean you have to prepare only basics. You need to be fully prepared for the high-level question so that it will be very easy for you to tackle simple problems and score at least 13-14 marks. Aptitude part of the Gate question paper permits high accuracy and considered as more scoring.

You do not need a separate strategy for Aptitude preparation, only some modification in your normal schedule is required and some sort of tips, books. Following are some tips that will definitely help you to prepare for Gate Aptitude Test.

Syllabus for General Aptitude (GA) – GATE Exam

Numerical Ability: Numerical computation, numerical estimation, numerical reasoning and data interpretation.

Verbal  Ability: English grammar, sentence completion, verbal analogies, word groups, instructions, critical reasoning and verbal deduction.

Best Books on General Aptitude for GATE

There are many books available in the market; there is no need to purchase all the books. Arun Sharma is used for long-term aptitude entrance such as PO, banking and all competitive because it contains deep formulas. For Gate preparation, depth knowledge is not required. Don’t waste your precious time on Arun Sharma. Go for R.S. Aggarwal, You need to study only theory and concepts from R.S. Aggarwal Book and have to solve some examples. After solving some examples on the specific formulas, start solving GATE previous exam question papers and analyse the type of questions and try to solve other examples of the specific question.

Read all the topics from the book and try to listen to the lecture on YouTube because nowadays very dedicated teachers are providing the free lecture on the specific topic and guide you the best and efficient tricks, formulas and methods to solve Aptitude question.

There are many topics available on Numerical Ability, but you need to select important and relevant Topics to save time. Following are the list of important Topics that play a major role in Numerical Ability entrance i.e.

  • Allegation and Mixture
  • Work and time
  • Calendar problems
  • Speed distance and time
  • Sequence and series
  • Data Interpretation
  • Logarithm
  • Profit and loss
  • Number

Tips to prepare Numerical Ability For GATE Exam

  • Read all the important theory, you can also surf Google also for theory. 
    Select basic Topic such as the “number”.
  • Write all the important formulas, square, cube, etc. that are important while solving any question on your notebook.
  • Search for tricks and try to solve the questions more smartly.
  • Read all the written formulas and important information daily; make it your daily routine.
  • The profit of small tricks and speed mathematics will be applicable only when you try to apply it while solving.
  • Try to solve questions on every formula.
  • Give at least 1 hour daily for Aptitude while preparing technical subjects.

Tips to prepare Verbal Ability For GATE Exam

  1. If you are not strong in Verbal ability, you need to learn all the basic concepts of English. As we all know that whenever we want suggestions on how to improve our vocabulary, generally more common suggestions we get are read article, newspapers. But the reading newspaper is sometimes very boring, you need not compel yourself to read a newspaper. Just go for your favorite stuff. Select which is your favorite movie no matter that is comedy, romantic, emotional, Bollywood or Hollywood. Read the scripts of your favorite movie, This will raise your interest in reading and which in turn improve your vocabulary.
  2. Daily learn one new word, its synonyms and how it can be applied in a sentence and write it on your notebook and read it daily.
  3. Do not depend on reading the “articles” to improve your vocabulary because Articles are meant to be user-friendly. In articles, very easy languages are preferred to make it understandable.
  4. Try to solve verbal questions of previous year GATE which will definitely give you the idea of the type of the questions. If you solve all questions, it will become your habit and you can be able to give the answer more quickly.
  5. You can prefer a book named as Word power made easy by Normal Lewis which is very popular and will be easily available in your nearby bookshops or online.
  6. Cover all the basic rules of grammar including article, preposition, and tenses. Write all the rules on the notebook.
  7. If you don’t like reading the Book. Use your mobile and listen to the topic related videos that you can effortlessly listen before going sleep.
  8. For verbal Ability, following are the important topics that need to be covered for GATE Aptitude Test i.e.
    Blood Relation
    Making judgments
    Sentence completion
    Basic grammar including tenses, preposition, articles

GATE Sample Questions for General Aptitude