M.Tech Admission 2015

M.Tech Admission 2015 provide the candidates with all the information about the admissions procedures, dates for the various M.Tech courses available at the IITs, NITs, Central Universities, State Universities and more from across the country. Candidates can get the specific M.Tech Admission 2015 details on this page. Candidates must click on the link to avail the detailed information pertaining to the specific M.Tech Admissions 2015. The corresponding entrance Exam is also listed alongside. Check the table below for the M.Tech Admissions 2015 at a Glance.

 # College  Entrance Exam Date  Application Start Date  Last Date Website & Form 
 1. IIT Boambay  No Entrance.
GATE score
13/03/2015 31/03/2015 Click here for More detail
 2. IIT Delhi  No Entrance.
GATE score
09/03/2015  31/03/2015  Click here for More detail
3.  IIT Madras  No Entrance.
GATE score
04/03/2015 14/04/2015   Click here for More detail
 4.  IIT Kanpur  No Entrance.
GATE score
19/03/2015  15/04/2015  Click here for More detail
 5.  IIT Roorkee No Entrance.
GATE score
12/03/2015 09/04/2015  Click here for More detail
 6.  IIT Kharagpur  No Entrance.
GATE score
18/03/2015 08/04/2015   Click here for More detail
 7.  IIT Bhubaneswar   No Entrance.
GATE score
09/03/2015 01/04/2015 Click here for More detail
 8.  IIT Guwahati  No Entrance.
GATE score
 20/03/2015  23/04/2015  Click here for More detail
 9.  ISM Dhanbad  GATE score/  Entrance for vacant Seat.  20/02/2015  28/03/2015 Click here for More detail 
 10.  IIT Gandhinagr  GATE score/  Entrance for vacant Seat.  13/03/2015 03/04/2015 Click here for More detail 
 11.  IIT Indore  GATE score/  Entrance for vacant Seat.  —– 20/04/2015 Click here for More detail 
 12.  IIT Patna  GATE score/ Interview  26/03/2015 17/04/2015 Click here for More detail 
 13.  NSIT Delhi  GATE score/  Entrance for vacant Seat.  23/03/2015 15/04/2015 Click here for More detail